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The Artur Dutkiewicz Trio's tremendous concert at JMI Live will go down in the annals of the Brisbane International Jazz Festival as a classy demonstration of the art of the piano trio.

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz


The great strength of „Prana” are stunning leader’s solos, his unconventional trio leading and the cooperation of all musicians. In my opinion, this is the best trio of the pianist in his career. I remember (despite the different style), historical and model for such composition - Ahmad Jamal Trio. Artur Dutkiewicz has reached his own style, a clear musical personality, he is recognized what is the most important for a jazz musician.

Piotr Rodowicz, Jazz Forum


Artur Dutkiewicz masterfully creates moods and processes fascinations trawled from the various musical traditions . The title track combines the spirit of contemporary jazz and classics from the period of "Kind of Blue". He dances behind the piano in "Warsaw Oberek" and in "Polish Mazurka" breaks down the title dance, of course in their own way,intoprimefactors.Inaspontaneous"Mr.Prospero"playsvery melodiously, in"AbovetheClouds"ponders slowly with freejazz spirit .

Jędrzej Słodkowski , Gazeta Wyborcza


Artur Dutkiewicz’s "Prana" has the power of healing, adjustes positively to the world, brings the joy of life, inspires action. To induce waves of positive emotions we need just ten minutes from the album and our sensitivity. Life-giving energy gained form of a jazz trio. This music will collapse in our memory and addicted. Artur Dutkiewicz recorded another excellent album. This artist is invariably in great shape .

Marek Dusza, Rzeczpospolita


Prana is a beautiful album. Music with such significant title gives the impression of space and enhances the sense of inner harmony. We could move to another dimension , set on the foundations of bliss, peace and joy.

Maria Zimny, JazzPress






Excellent, rich in unexpected arrangements did not allow me to get away from listening to this album. This project can be summarized briefly: a bold idea and great realization. This is the album, after which we will return again and again for the pure pleasure of listening to it.  

Maciej Polanski, Estrada & Studio 2010


Such idea on Hendrix's music didn't have nobody yet. Such and so realized. As a result, we have an interesting album, fresh, sublime. "Hendrix Piano" wearing blues sensibility in a jazz form. This album, though is recorded in a studio, we're listening like it would be a concert album. It's a big advantage. With great joy, I would like to listen to this material live!    

Ewa Jodko, Your Blues 2010


In Artur Dutkiewicz's interpretation Hendrix music took a new and unexpected light. This album is convincing in every respect, diverse and rich in interesting rhythmic and harmonic solutions. Masterful performance of each of the pieces evokes in the listener satisfaction communing with professionalism of the highest order. Musicians understand in the metaphysical way and of this relationship is formed acoustic magic.    

Piotr Kałużny, Jazz Forum 2010


Jazz interpretation of Little Wing, Manic Depression and The Wind Cries Mary presented by Artur Dutkiewicz Trio at Duesseldorf Jazz Rally Festival 2011 - met with an enthusiastic response of the audience, filling the concert hall to the brim. "Hendrix Piano" CD's were sold rapidly already in intermission. Musicians went to the very difficult - completely changing the form of Hendrix's music expression they kept spirit of this music and recalled the emotions associated with it.    

Jacek Wrobel, Jazz Forum 2011


Rarely I have no words to describe what I heard at the concert, ("Voodoo Child" from the album "Hendrix Piano"), but the performance of that song was just ... PHENOMENAL? I think itʼs a good word ....

Adam Siennica

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